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Continuous Integration - Installing GoCD

GoCD is a continuous integration/deployment server produced by Thoughtworks. You can install it on your localhost and it works with PHP projects. My own GoCD installation is a little bit too old... Actually a lot older and though i have taken some notes then, I honestly don't know if they are still reliable. I do hope though they will be helpful nonetheless. I don't remember any particular difficulties when i done the installation.

Continuous Integration - Using Go CD

Now let's talk about GoCD setup on my localhost.

At the beginning, i planned to write a single article but the more i wrote about the topic, the more i had to talk about. I really tried to write something short but it turned out that i'd need more than one article to talk about GoCD.

We will start first with the installation, though my own install is quite old and i don't remember very well how i did it but i'd try nonetheless. Beside, it can be helpful nonetheless. I truly hate incomplete tutorial where it is assumed that the reader knows more than he does...

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