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Il était une fois l'Orient Express

04/04/2014 to 08/31/2014

More than an exhibition, an event! In all its magnificence of old the Orient Express comes to stop on the square of the Institut du Monde Arabe for a grand exhibition dedicated to the most mythical of trains, to this icon of Art-Déco who has opened widely the doors of the East to generations of travelers.

Happy New 2014 Year !!

Heyyyy !!! It's a new dawn ! It's a new day ! It's a new year ! 2014 ! And I'm feeling gooood !!!


Environnement de travail

Je viens de changer d'ordinateur, mon eeepc précédent commençant à donner des signes de faiblesse. Je profite de l'occasion pour mettre à plat mon environnement de travail.


Mamie boit du thé

Cela fait des années que je bois du thé. En plus, je suis passé du thé jasmin qui est un thé passe partout, à toutes sortes de thés divers et variés. C'est une véritable culture avec un apprentissage et des saveurs à découvrir. Pourtant, il semble qu'il y ait un préjugé qui reste collé à la consommation du thé.


Es-tu heureuse ?

Un ami, un jour, m'a demandé si j'étais heureuse.

All things may change for a kiss

France family leagues are standing up against the government law project about wedding for all. When all politicians are debating about the GLTB rights to marry, in the streets, french leagues are manifesting calmly. This is the perfect time for exchanging a kiss to seal all of it.

They found Tutankhamon lineage !

Whilst the technologies in the DNA field research improves, archeologists decided to find out the true lineage of King Tutankhamon, late Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt.

TV Shows are much more funnier

I'm not that much into medical TV Shows. All those bips and clicks and whoozz.. Of course, they all have those scenaristic strings who will keep the fan behind his screen, watching, breathing and living along with his characters. There's adventure. There's passion. There's suspens... But then...

State of decay

Times stopped. One year ago. Our business results were bad. Worse than expected. Of course, they have to lay-off. In France, laying off is much more harder than in United States. But ever since the board announced the situation, it looks like time has stopped here. Few of my friends tried to fight the situation, to fight the depressive ambiance, the decay but slowly, all seems to fade away, general lack of interest sneaks in.

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