Event Manager

CoffeeBar Application 15/19 - Food is prepared, reacting to it

Now food is prepared and ready to serve... The 'foodPrepared' event has been triggered. But we know it well by now, nothing will ever happen if nobody is listening to this event. So now, let's add some listeners... ok, we (almost) know which listeners, but what about callbacks ?

CoffeeBar Application 14/19 - Marking prepared food

The chef knows what he has to do. The list of items to prepare are now displaying on screen. Once the chef has prepared an item, he needs to advise the staff that the item can now be served.

CoffeeBar Application 13/19 - Chef todo list

In our previous chapters, food and drinks have been ordered. Though a drink can be served immediately, food has to be prepared before being served. It is the chef job to prepare food. Today, let's see how to display the chef todo list : what food he has to prepare.

CoffeeBar Application 9/19 - Placing an order, mixing drinks and food

In today chapters, we will see how we can manage the logic around the PlaceOrder command. Keep in mind we have only one form to order drinks and food. But we have two different workflows so we have to know, when the order is placed, which item is a drink and which one is a food and send the item in the correct workflow.

CoffeeBar Application 6/19 - A listener to manager the tab and its history

We have triggered our very first event in our previous chapter : 'openTab'. Now, we will set a service to catch the events triggered and process the business rules to it.

CoffeeBar Application 5/19 - Triggering the opening of a tab

Once we have created a form - which open a tab, we will assign an object to it and use that object while processing the form. We will see how this object will trigger our very first event, the starting point of our application.

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