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Continuous Integration with GoCD - Monitoring pipelines

Once pipelines are successfully set, you can go to the server dashboard and monitor the server activity.

Continuous Integration - Testing the project 2/2

Within the same stage, we have scheduled two jobs : one job for the coverage tests and the other job for the unit tests and the build. On the previous post, we have seen how to set the coverage tests job. In today's post, we will see how to set the other job, the one with the testing and the copying and the pushing...

Continuous Integration - Testing the project 1/2

Let's summarize : we have installed our very first pipeline and within that pipeline, a first stage. As a first stage, most of the time, it will install the project : load and install libraries. Once the project is successfully installed, let's move to the next stage : tests.

Continuous Integration - Installing the project

Once the pipeline have been created in GoCD, let's see together how we can set our first build.

Continuous Integration - GoCD concepts

Remember, to have an efficient use of a continuous integration server, (moreover when we are using a fully configurable server), you need to tell the server what to do. And you can't tell GoCD what to do if you don't grab the general concepts of the application.

Continuous Integration - Installing GoCD

GoCD is a continuous integration/deployment server produced by Thoughtworks. You can install it on your localhost and it works with PHP projects. My own GoCD installation is a little bit too old... Actually a lot older and though i have taken some notes then, I honestly don't know if they are still reliable. I do hope though they will be helpful nonetheless. I don't remember any particular difficulties when i done the installation.

CI - Continuous Integration with ContinuousPHP

Following my rant about continuous integration, allow me to share my settings with ContinuousPHP.

Continuous Integration - What is expected

While continuous integration is buzzing throughout internet, it is surprising how hard i had to dig and find any tutorials about that topic. Either it is a supply and demand issue, or it is a difficulty level issue... If you try to google for PHP+MYSQL, you'd find tons and tons of tutorials and pages about that topic. That's absolutely not the case for continuous integration.

Intégration continue - exploration

Je tourne mon attention sur l'intégration continue... C'est pas la première fois que je fais ça et on va dire que je fais ça _encore_ une fois. Pour le moment, je ne suis pas très loin et je manque surtout de méthodologie.

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