CMS, oh my CMS

When I decided to refactor my own website, I was hesitating between a couple of options : building it from scratch ? Too tedious and after all, i will not reinvent the wheel yet one more time. Giving up my website project and use social network and their tools instead ? Not personal enough and I don't like their philosophy : Social network are not really public datas. You have to subscribe to access the content of the network. So here I am, back to my project. With my last but not least issue : should I build the site using a CMS or build it with a framework ?

Internet, now and then

It's been a long time since last time I've done serious web programming here. Now, i'm back to work and i discover by the way that there are a lot of things and worries which did not exists then. Therefore, even if programming for internet feel easy and even easier with new tools, it is in fact more demanding and hard to go out there.

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