Continuous Integration - Testing the project 2/2

Within the same stage, we have scheduled two jobs : one job for the coverage tests and the other job for the unit tests and the build. On the previous post, we have seen how to set the coverage tests job. In today's post, we will see how to set the other job, the one with the testing and the copying and the pushing...

Continuous Integration - Testing the project 1/2

Let's summarize : we have installed our very first pipeline and within that pipeline, a first stage. As a first stage, most of the time, it will install the project : load and install libraries. Once the project is successfully installed, let's move to the next stage : tests.

Continuous Integration - Installing the project

Once the pipeline have been created in GoCD, let's see together how we can set our first build.

La configuration dans Zend Framework 2 - 2nde partie

Dans la première partie de ce dyptique, nous avons vu que la configuration d'une application montée avec Zend Framework 2 était répartie sur plusieurs fichiers chargés successivement. Nous avons également vu l'ordre de chargement de ces fichiers : la configuration de l'application en premier lieu, la configuration de chacun des modules, avec, rappelons le, la priorité au premier module trouvé, et enfin le chargement en toute fin des modules supplémentaires. Chaque module contient des informations propres et un élément de Zend se charge de fusionner tous ces différents fichiers de configuration. Voyons maintenant ce que contiennent ces fichiers de configuration.

Installing Drupal in subdirectory

For a straight forward installation of the Drupal CMS, as stated in their install manual, you ought to unzip the drupal archive and with an FTP client, drag and drop the content of the archive into your public directory. Of course, for my part, there is here a couple of issues which I don't really like, first of all, the fact that you can't host your drupal install into a subdirectory and access it straight through your domain name. Searching the web tends to prove that I'm not the only one in need of this option.

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