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Enfin !! Je n'ai qu'un mot qui me vient à l'esprit : ENFIN !!

Et tout de suite après : je reste sans voix.


Born To Be Free - Fan video

Fans are exclusives... But the new single is just awesome !!

XJapan New Album At Last, XDay and XFilm... oh my

Ok... this is cold news now... I SHOULD have posted this last week but... well... anyway... OH MY GOD !

Lunatic Fest

Contrairement à toutes attentes, X Japan fait une apparition furtive ça et là et attise les foules.

YOSHIKI in close up

Mai 26th, 2014. People are lining up in front of the 80 boulevard Rochechouart, Paris since early in morning. YOSHIKI is here, he is in concert in Paris, a classical concert, in a small venue, closer to his fans. The surrounding store keepers are looking at all those people with a bad eye since they are blocking the access to their stores.
5:30 pm, the line is long already and it is still lengthening. Right behind me, two japanese women are counting again and again all the dates of his tour... I guess they are faithfully attending at all of them...

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