HOWTO - Creating an online manual with DocBook - Customization

We have successfully generated our first book (in draft status). We have build a draft of our book skeletton (but it still miss the most interesting part, of course. We use the standard DocBook XSL library to generate the HTML pages. The pages we get need some customization but links are working and everything seems to be at its right place.

HOWTO - Creating an online manual with DocBook - The Book

All the directories structure is ready now. We also have prepared successfully all the tools we'll need to do our book. We are eager to start, and see this wonder (DocBook) in action. Hopefully, we have a little idea of the kind of book we would like to achieve. So let's start !


HOWTO - Creating an online manual using DocBook - Getting ready

Although i've already exposed my attempts to publish a DocBook manual, my purpose here is to give straight forward directives to achieve a Docbook manual.

Docbook, publication hard time

Few weeks ago, i've decided to build a manual with docbook. I have found the Docbook Definitive Guide and though I didn't read it in its integrality, i've got a pretty good look at how this is working. Then I tried to publish my book using the Docbook-Xsl package available out there. As you all know with my previous post on this subject, I have tried a quick and dirty transformation method and it is working. Now, of course, I'd like to have a more definitive one.

Nice to meet you, Mr Docbook

While discovering Zend Framework and Drupal, i was in need for a tool which will allow me to gather the notes i may have to write down during my learning. Those notes were planned for a private usage first so I started to install a mediawiki engine. I started to add some entries into the wiki. As entries are multiplying, it appears to me that others may be in need for my observations too, that I should form a small public documentation for all to use. Beside, my wiki articles are looking somehow like any online documentation pages (mainly PHP manual pages). That's when I heard about DocBook.

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