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CoffeeBar Application 13/19 - Chef todo list

In our previous chapters, food and drinks have been ordered. Though a drink can be served immediately, food has to be prepared before being served. It is the chef job to prepare food. Today, let's see how to display the chef todo list : what food he has to prepare.

CoffeeBar Application 12/19 - Processing the order

When we place an order, two events are triggered. One event advising the drinks have been ordered and the second event advising the food has been ordered. Based on the initial workflow, the food and drinks do not follow the same process. Let's see how to differentiate each process.

CoffeeBar Application 11/19 - Processing the form

We have now created our place order form, with that nice repeat-my-fields feature in the previous chapter. In today's chapter, we will process the form, binding it to an object and, of course, triggering our events.

CoffeeBar Application 10/19 - Building a form to place the order

To place an order, we will build a complex form with a fieldset : a drop down list and an input text. The numbers of fieldset is infinite and we can add as many fieldset as we need. Let's do some form dependencies and javascript in today's chapter.

CoffeeBar Application 9/19 - Placing an order, mixing drinks and food

In today chapters, we will see how we can manage the logic around the PlaceOrder command. Keep in mind we have only one form to order drinks and food. But we have two different workflows so we have to know, when the order is placed, which item is a drink and which one is a food and send the item in the correct workflow.

CoffeeBar Application 8/19 - Displaying active tabs

Our application is taking shape more and more. We have already built our main components and services. We have dumped unceremoniously the items from the cache. Now let's see if we can do better.

Le routing avec Zend Framework 2

Le routing, c'est le fait d'associer une requête (URL) à des fichiers qui se trouvent sur le serveur... C'est la correspondance qui se fait entre l'URL qu'on saisit dans la barre d'adresse du navigateur et le (ou les) fichiers qui vont contenir le code nécessaire à la construction des informations qui vont être retournées vers le navigateur (on parle de "page web"). On sait tous, de nos jours, qu'UNE page web n'est plus l'affaire d'une page (et une seule)... Si le routing, ça ne vous dit rien, c'est parce que la plupart du temps, ça s'est fait tout seul... Plus maintenant.

CoffeeBar Application 7/19 - Managing opened tabs

We have created previously a service responsible of managing the story of one tab only. Now, we will create a service bound to manage all the opened tabs. This new service will store the list of opened tabs and will list all the tabs status for the usage of the staff.

Zend Validator avec configuration

Après avoir vu comment on mettait en place un inputFilter (ensemble d'élément Input), on voit maintenant comment appliquer des validateurs sur chaque élément Input de notre inputFilter.

CoffeeBar Application 6/19 - A listener to manager the tab and its history

We have triggered our very first event in our previous chapter : 'openTab'. Now, we will set a service to catch the events triggered and process the business rules to it.


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