The Dark Knight Rises

Batman Begins.

The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight Rises.

With this last chapter, Christopher Nolan puts an end to his Dark Knight trilogy. Needless to say, this sequel is a long awaited movie. Around me, most people were despising the first Batman Begins and the very same people are crowning its sequel The Dark Knight. Hopefully, we can expect this third opus to be even better...

In Batman Begins, we met (once again) Bruce Wayne, we relived (once again) the mythical event, the very moment the future Batman will come from - although it was told differently. In this "Batman, The Origins" kind of movie, we follow Bruce Wayne into his personal struggles, his learning path and his physical training. We discovered Bruce Wayne when he was down and how he overrun this situation to finally manage both his fate as Batman and as Bruce Wayne, heir of the over rich Wayne industries.

In The Dark Knight, Batman kept fighting the bad guys and with the advent of The Joker, Bruce Wayne has spyed the entire city to find Joker. This is where we met the true and only : The Batman. He is powerful. He is everywhere. Anywhere. Gotham City is truly his. And he is in love. At the end of this sequel, he has to sacrifice himself. I like to believe this is the only way maybe to keep his sanity. Think about it. He choose to save Harvey Dent, leaving his beloved to a deadly inferno because he has to believe in the cause Harvey Dent was fighting for. But Harvey, madden by the pain, turn out to be a real monster and Batman finally has to kill him. No one ever know that Harvey Dent, in his last moments, was insane. Batman has to endorse the crime. He pretends he is the murderer of the praised Gotham's hero, so Harvey Dent laws will last after him and protect Gotham City from organized crime.

But this last decision leaves no comfort and Bruce Wayne realized that he sacrificied his very love for a knight who turn out to be finally unworthy and who did not survive either. And here we go.

The Dark Knight Rises send us back to the darkest hours of Batman Begins. Bruce Wayne is weak, tormented, haunted by regrets, depressed. He has shut down all access to his bat hideouts and he is no more interested in Wayne Enterprise too. Then there's this big evil guy which is nothing more than the real foe sidekick finally. And rises Batman... again...

This is where Christopher Nolan lose me.

For my own opinion, Christopher Nolan made a terrific job while directing The Dark Knight. After this movie, I was somehow hoping that somebody is getting the true dark side of The Batman. Powerful. Omnipotent. Who does not trust anybody, not even his closest allies. But in The Dark Knight Rises, i feel like reviving the Batman Begins story again. Bruce Wayne weak, break down, devastated before he has to go through a test which will give him the shape of the Batman back. He has to be more him, to overrun his own strength blablablah... All of this is déjà-vu !

This sequel claims to be more powerful, more everything. Bane was this sequel bad guy. Powerful Bane, full of hatred. But his cause only embraces the fate of Gotham only... Why Gotham only ? (ok, maybe i ought to know that in the first opus...) Nevertheless. Bane and Talia will is not really clear : is it revenge or true cruelty ? Destroying an entire city, isn't it too much for a revenge ? and if it is no revenge, why destroying the city ? But i won't question bad guys motivations any more. True bad guys reasons are very hard to find out and I believe that creating a convicing foe process must be the hardest part of the writing. Very lot pressure here. We can live with this hate.

When watching the trailer, I was expecting something like Clash Of The Titans, but not like the other one, a true one. Bane vs Batman. Gotham partly destroyed, devastated by the fights between two forceful figures. Collision of two monsters. Hate against Hate. Batman spying devices would be everywhere. Batman would reveal himself as THE BATMAN, the true Dark Lord of the city, pulling strings, watching, fierce, untouchable. The Vigilante among all vigilantes. Powerful and feared. Protector of Gotham City, both avenger and executioner, no matter what it takes to achieve what has to be done. No morality, no compassion, no humanity. And... Instead of this Dark figure, Bruce Wayne is stabbed by a mere girl, just because he has totally forget to check her resume...

I'd cry for that.

Maybe I was expecting too much about this last Batman episode. You know, when you put too much expectations in those things, involving one or several more mythical figures belonging to the collective consciousness, you may be strongly disappointed. Please, stop creating super heroes who are tormented by their own struggles... It may fit Peter Parker figure but for my part, not Bruce Wayne at all.

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