Happy New 2014 Year !!

Heyyyy !!! It's a new dawn ! It's a new day ! It's a new year ! 2014 ! And I'm feeling gooood !!!

Happy new year to everybody !!

I know, i've been bad lately, haven't post much... but you were in my thoughts ! And i promise, i'll post more in 2014 !!

In 2013, i've been busy

  • reporting my money tracking into GnuCash (not completed yet but most questions have been answered... I'll post more about this application here this year)
  • finding a free application to manage my project. By managing my project, i mean tracking all the business requirements and all the tasks to be done to complete the project. After installing a bunch of applications (php, java, ror) on my localhost, trying some of them for a while, i decided i want to customize a bugtracker for my purpose... Then i heard about The bug genie... I'm currently testing this one.
  • coding a sudoku solver. We'll talk about this one later in 2014.
  • and the nightmare ! my hosting provider not satisfying me at all last year, i had to find a new one and move my blog. My statistics are very low since then but i target better figures...

So, again, i wish to all of you a happy new year and happy coding ! See you soon in my next post !!


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