Il était une fois l'Orient Express

No other train was so famous as the Orient Express. In the evocation of its only name, we imagine the whirlwinds of smokes escaping from shiny water pipes, we can hear already the ringing of golden bracelets hidden by shimmering veils... As for the train, we can feel the elegant lacquered woodwork, the heavy silky velvet, the sophisticated gilts and the powerful locomotive, mythical.

The most famous European authors have the Orient Express into their stories. Unforgettable journeys, endless crossings to unknown countries, towards the discovery of the mists of the East, the light of the train splitting the thick darkness of the night, crimes and dramas. And at the arrival, some more of wonders.

The Orient Express train is a living myth. The line is still running. From time to time, an Orient Express awaiting for its travellers can be seen on the platforms of the Paris' Gare du Nord station. But the Institut du Monde Arabe lets us open the doors of dreams and the collective fantasy by getting a real Orient Express on its square. The customer enjoys a delicious moment of luxury by roaming in the passageways of the saint of trains... Brush the softness of the fabrics, feel the heat of the wood, the mouldings of gilts, hear the china ringing...

Venue : Institut du Monde Arabe - 1, rue des Fossés-Saint-Bernard - Place Mohammed-V 75005 Pari

Friday, April 4, 2014 to Sunday, August 31, 2014

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