It is just for a starter

Beginning is a very delicate moment.

Since this is my first post - might I say, once again - on the Internet, I am worrying what to say here. Should I introduce myself ? Should I speak about my expectatives ? Or my deceipts ? Should I pick a subject, one amongst so many to come, and devise on that topic ? Should I warn you about my not so fluent english ? Introduction sounds, by all means, the best thing to do for a start.

I'm one of the numerous asiatic folks leaving here, in Paris and its suburb. I'm currently working in an IT department. Years ago, i started to design website but i never really own any concrete web design project of my own. On the other side, i learned to code using PHP. It was then a time when CMS were not available yet, blogging was called BBS, phpBB was a kind of a miracle, typing in asian fonts was a true nightmare and i was so happy knowing that php dating functions do include the calculation of easter for every year... The IT world started to buzz about this new XML formatting - mostly about its applications, we used to crawl the net with altavista and google was an outsider in the search engines business. Social networks attempts do exist but as we all know now, all failed. Oh gosh, i quite forgot this, websites were build with table inside table inside table inside table and the loop seems never stops. I guess in some backup directory, i might find some rough html skelettons with the overall table ready to go. Then rises the CSS and table layouts were banned. I stopped coding somehow around this time, although i was asked to do some css designing for a few weeks.

Time passes. I've dreamed a lot about several projects but never really get the time to concretize them. It is mostly for laziness, of course. But then, one morning, i've just kicked my ass and start to dig into the web once again.

The Internet for one part has changed a lot since the last time i really look at it. When you wished once to own your own website, for posting from time to time and blogging scarcely just to keep in touch with your friends and trying to gather more contact from abroad, social networks provide now the same service. Therefore, there are less personal websites out there. When we used to code our websites from scratch, now the coding ressources include multiples swiss army knife-like toolboxes and libraries and any conceveable solutions out there. Then I realize that I won't need to reinvent the wheel... I then discover what is called a framework - english is not my native language... in french, "framework" does not mean anything - and of course, i also discover that there's a lot out there in competition. When I was looking for project management, i incidently discover ruby as well. And for easing my tasks, i find a lot of CMS out there too with ready to start website solutions. Definitely, I won't need to reinvent the wheel... merely invent the vehicle matching my wheel...

Well... Looks like i get lost digging into my memories.
I'm dramatically conscious that this post will scarcely be read right after the posting date and i'll have to fill in more contents to get more readers but to you, chosen ones, I hope you enjoyed this.

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Salut Haclong,

Donc après 5 ans et 15 000 lectures, je peux d'assurer que ce 1er billet à bien été lu par plein de monde, ^^.

Je cherchais des infos sur GoCD et je suis tombé sur ton espace.

Merci pour toutes ces infos,

Bonne continuation.


Merci Fox :)

Si tu repasses par ici, en principe, je dois ajouter des infos sur GoCD concernant le déploiement de base de données.


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