They found Tutankhamon lineage !

Whilst the technologies in the DNA field research improves, archeologists decided to find out the true lineage of King Tutankhamon, late Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt.

They exhumed the mummy of the young king and pierced the bones to retrieve several DNA samples. They do the same prelevements on several mummies they had in the vault of the Cairo museum : Amenophis III, Semenkare and Akhenaton. They moved the sepulture once again, from the museum vault or exhibition area to the lab area, they pierced the antic bones, looking for sample of DNA and bring them back to their final place of rest. They also unveiled the two baby mummies found in the Tutankhamon tomb. They assaged the little bones again, trying to find the sacred DNA.

But while I was watching this documentary, I was wondering : why do they need to know so bad ? Is their thirst of knowledge stronger than mere respect ? Why can't they just let the bodies lie still ? Can't we talk about desecration while, in the name of science, they mutilated the dried bones more and more again ? Is the lineage of Pharaoh Tutankhamon worth all of this ?

I'm scientist. I believe in knowledge and evidences and research. But, maybe because they were stillborn babies and mighty kings, i feel worried about these manipulations. They were perfectly and carefully embalmed so they can rest ever peacefully. But how can they even imagine that 3000 years from their death, somebody will find them and pierce their bones just to find the answer of one History's riddles...


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