Building the model

As you ought to know by now, i'm currently discovering the MVC pattern. For someone who wrote few php websites in procedural way, i can hold the Controller and the View concept. The View is the templating part. The Controller is the old index page I used to code with the switch case instruction which would include the correct php script depending on the HTTP request. Plus, the coding / relationship of the View and the Controller are obvious while using Zend Application. It’s maybe too obvious but we may want to see this bound later. But then : What is the third part of the MVC pattern ? What is a Model ??


Creating menu with Zend Navigation

Zend Framework comes with a Zend Navigation component. With this component you can create a menu. Just let see how.

Zend Application : Scope issues

One thing i have to learn when coding with Zend Framework is the issue of scopes. When coding with procedural method, i never really care about the scope. If i'm not clear here (maybe because i'm not using the correct word), i mean : where, in your code, your variable is valid (meaning : exists).

All things may change for a kiss

France family leagues are standing up against the government law project about wedding for all. When all politicians are debating about the GLTB rights to marry, in the streets, french leagues are manifesting calmly. This is the perfect time for exchanging a kiss to seal all of it.

Conceiving a website with Zend Framework

Here are some basics about building an MVC application with Zend Framework 1.1x. These may sound really logic and all of you, advanced developers, may already know all of this but since i have to find out it all by myself (and it may be still on development), i thought it is good to add some development reflexion here.

They found Tutankhamon lineage !

Whilst the technologies in the DNA field research improves, archeologists decided to find out the true lineage of King Tutankhamon, late Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt.

I read manga and i'm glad of it !

I buy manga on a regular basis. I do buy european BD too but let's talk about manga today. Actually, i restrict myself to a few volumes per month. All started some years ago now.


HOWTO - Creating an online manual with DocBook - Customization

We have successfully generated our first book (in draft status). We have build a draft of our book skeletton (but it still miss the most interesting part, of course. We use the standard DocBook XSL library to generate the HTML pages. The pages we get need some customization but links are working and everything seems to be at its right place.

HOWTO - Creating an online manual with DocBook - The Book

All the directories structure is ready now. We also have prepared successfully all the tools we'll need to do our book. We are eager to start, and see this wonder (DocBook) in action. Hopefully, we have a little idea of the kind of book we would like to achieve. So let's start !


The Dark Knight Rises

Batman Begins. The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight Rises. With this last chapter, Christopher Nolan puts an end to his Dark Knight trilogy. Needless to say, this sequel is a long awaited movie. Around me, most people was despising Batman Begins and the very same are crowning its sequel The Dark Knight. Hopefully, we can expect this third opus to be even better...


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