HOWTO - Creating an online manual using DocBook - Getting ready

Although i've already exposed my attempts to publish a DocBook manual, my purpose here is to give straight forward directives to achieve a Docbook manual.

Docbook, publication hard time

Few weeks ago, i've decided to build a manual with docbook. I have found the Docbook Definitive Guide and though I didn't read it in its integrality, i've got a pretty good look at how this is working. Then I tried to publish my book using the Docbook-Xsl package available out there. As you all know with my previous post on this subject, I have tried a quick and dirty transformation method and it is working. Now, of course, I'd like to have a more definitive one.

They went looking for our beginning. What they found could be our end.

In the small theater, the ads were just over and they just turn off the lights as the 20th Century Fox logo appears on the screen (not that big) with light steely blue shades. I lean toward Him and told Him : "I've just read reviews on the web, the movie is awful, there's no plot at all... Actually, i've read only one review but still..." He turns to me : "Why didn't you tell me sooner ?"... "Shh ! it's starting now"...

Nice to meet you, Mr Docbook

While discovering Zend Framework and Drupal, i was in need for a tool which will allow me to gather the notes i may have to write down during my learning. Those notes were planned for a private usage first so I started to install a mediawiki engine. I started to add some entries into the wiki. As entries are multiplying, it appears to me that others may be in need for my observations too, that I should form a small public documentation for all to use. Beside, my wiki articles are looking somehow like any online documentation pages (mainly PHP manual pages). That's when I heard about DocBook.


Installing Drupal in subdirectory

For a straight forward installation of the Drupal CMS, as stated in their install manual, you ought to unzip the drupal archive and with an FTP client, drag and drop the content of the archive into your public directory. Of course, for my part, there is here a couple of issues which I don't really like, first of all, the fact that you can't host your drupal install into a subdirectory and access it straight through your domain name. Searching the web tends to prove that I'm not the only one in need of this option.

Zend Application starter

This tutorial, part of many to come, may not differ from other tutorials out there about Zend Application. There's a lot of tutorials out there showing how to build a Zend Application using Zend Tool (with the command line instruction). This is useful but if you wish to adapt your filesystem, you can't use Zend Tool that easily.

Why newbies gave up when learning Zend Framework ?

Beside the discovery of CMS through Drupal, i also wished to code my own web applications. So I was looking for tools, library, thing that will help me to code those applications without, you know, reinventing the wheel once again. Here I met the framework. More precisely, the Zend Framework. They are more, out there, but even I don't know why I chose ZF. Again, as for Drupal, this framework just look like a real swiss army knife php library and I always liked tools where each things are in its own place and... well... you know.

TV Shows are much more funnier

I'm not that much into medical TV Shows. All those bips and clicks and whoozz.. Of course, they all have those scenaristic strings who will keep the fan behind his screen, watching, breathing and living along with his characters. There's adventure. There's passion. There's suspens... But then...

CMS, oh my CMS

When I decided to refactor my own website, I was hesitating between a couple of options : building it from scratch ? Too tedious and after all, i will not reinvent the wheel yet one more time. Giving up my website project and use social network and their tools instead ? Not personal enough and I don't like their philosophy : Social network are not really public datas. You have to subscribe to access the content of the network. So here I am, back to my project. With my last but not least issue : should I build the site using a CMS or build it with a framework ?

State of decay

Times stopped. One year ago. Our business results were bad. Worse than expected. Of course, they have to lay-off. In France, laying off is much more harder than in United States. But ever since the board announced the situation, it looks like time has stopped here. Few of my friends tried to fight the situation, to fight the depressive ambiance, the decay but slowly, all seems to fade away, general lack of interest sneaks in.



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