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TV Shows are much more funnier

I'm not that much into medical TV Shows. All those bips and clicks and whoozz.. Of course, they all have those scenaristic strings who will keep the fan behind his screen, watching, breathing and living along with his characters. There's adventure. There's passion. There's suspens... But then...

Lately, i've got this hitch for House MD. There is still adventure, passion and even more suspens. There's still hospital clean and cold corridors, white blouses, doctors, nurses and patients everywhere. But I must admit that I'm watching House MD each time it is aired on TV and i'm still enjoyed it. Beside the turmoils and the personal struggles of each character there is most of the time medical cases which are mostly impressive for medical noobs. The show starts with a person, contracting an unknown disease, so rare that no regular doctors will ever find out where it comes from. So here comes House and his team. And along the whole episode, we will hope for the safety of this patient, we will follow his improvements, his relapses, we will try as we might to keep track with the flood of medical terms which, maybe, are not even connected but who knows...

Eventually, we will wait for the next relapse, the one who proves that the treatment's not working. House will ask over and over what they are missing ? What they do not see ? I don't even know. They'll collect more samples, they'll list more symptoms, they'll do more tests and more analysis. We know that we will have a happy end anyway. There's always a happy end in House MD, although the show's writers have carefully killed some patients here and there, purposely to remind us that even House can fail. But we all know it. Most of the time, the patient will survive. He will be eventually grateful to the team. Most of the time, there will be a price to pay. From the patient, from one of the team or even from House.

Once the patient saved, we are already waiting for the next one. For House next case. This is overall entertaining and it is time killer.

But then, sometimes, it happens in real life.

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May 6th. The girls birthday party was over. The whole family has planned a trip together and they are now focusing on all the packing and the plannification of the remaining days. There's only three more days to go before taking their flight. There's still more to do. Then, at 11PM, he felt this breathtaking pain in his chest. Emergency call was made. He was admitted right away into the coronary unit of the nearby hospital.

May 7th. He was transfered to the Pitié Salpétrière hospital. After preliminary exams, they finally planned a coronary bypass surgery for Wednesday 9th. This is an ordinary surgery act so things will be all fine.

May 9th. All went well. Right after the surgery, he was admitted in the intensive care unit for a close surveillance period before moving to his room.

May 11th. The surveillance went well so he was able to leave the intensive care unit and we moved to his room, waiting for us to visit. Their long time planned trip was ruined, but then, who really cares ? Even before any of us can visit him, he contracted a postoperatorive pneumonia and has to go back to the intensive care unit. The trip was ruined, but then, no one do cares anymore.

May 12th. His situation does not improve during the night. He was septic shocked so he has to be intubated and they gave him antibiotics to hold the infection.

May 15th. After three endless days waiting for improvements, the shock condition was over and he need less mechanical ventilation support although he still has to keep the tracheal tube.

May 16th. Relapse. His liver and his pancreas are inflammed. Doctors still did not know what is the cause. He still need ventilation support so he has to keep the tube and they put him in induced coma to stabilize him.

May 17th. His situation improves again. He's awake but still need mechanical ventilation support so he has to keep the tube. His liver gets better while his pancreas is still in balance. Doctors still can't find where's the infection comes from. He still has a small fever.

May 18th. The antibiotics treatment being inefficient, they'd rather stop it and do some analysis instead. The medical status of the liver and the pancreas improves anyway. Hope is restaured. Since he is improving, on the contrary, his moral is low. He can't walk because he's too weak to move. He can't talk because of the tracheal tube which is really uncomfortable. He can't express himself so he only felt frustration from his situation.

May 20th. On the morning, he made a respiratory distress so they bring him back to the intensive care unit. They have to put him back into coma. And since there's still this infection, they gave him a new antibiotic treatment to avoid the shock condition again. We all hope those new drugs will help.

May 21th. Finally, the treatment failed to avoid the shock. He's got a high fever so they added more drugs to his treatment. They managed to stabilize him.

May 22th. The shock was over and he's awake. He can breath by himself and need less mechanical ventilation support. Things seem finally to get better.

May 25th. Since the morning, he now can breath with any mechanical support. They finally resolve to remove the tube.

May 26th. Things get real better. He can leave the intensive care unit and return to his room.

I believe that things will get to the best. Hopefully, he will slowly recover from his surgery and his hospitalisation.

I want to thank his daughter who was faithfully at his bedside every single day since may 6th. She and her mother were near him as long as they can. They talked to him all the time they were allowed to, even in the darkest hours. They were there to support him and to send him all our love. Even when the situation was dark and she must be really anguished, she never failed to send us a statement about his health. Everyday, at about the same time, she sent us news about his situation carefully choosing her words to avoid us to panic.

This is happening to a close relative and it is not entertaining at all.

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