Building the model

As you ought to know by now, i'm currently discovering the MVC pattern. For someone who wrote few php websites in procedural way, i can hold the Controller and the View concept. The View is the templating part. The Controller is the old index page I used to code with the switch case instruction which would include the correct php script depending on the HTTP request. Plus, the coding / relationship of the View and the Controller are obvious while using Zend Application. It’s maybe too obvious but we may want to see this bound later. But then : What is the third part of the MVC pattern ? What is a Model ??


Zend Application : Scope issues

One thing i have to learn when coding with Zend Framework is the issue of scopes. When coding with procedural method, i never really care about the scope. If i'm not clear here (maybe because i'm not using the correct word), i mean : where, in your code, your variable is valid (meaning : exists).


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