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To all us, PHP beginners

Ok... hopefully, i'm not a beginner anymore... hopefully...
But i have seen a lot of posts and questions out there asking how to start with PHP, what to do, etc...
So this is a quick add with list of links to other posts.

Conceiving a website with Zend Framework

Here are some basics about building an MVC application with Zend Framework 1.1x. These may sound really logic and all of you, advanced developers, may already know all of this but since i have to find out it all by myself (and it may be still on development), i thought it is good to add some development reflexion here.

Installing Drupal in subdirectory

For a straight forward installation of the Drupal CMS, as stated in their install manual, you ought to unzip the drupal archive and with an FTP client, drag and drop the content of the archive into your public directory. Of course, for my part, there is here a couple of issues which I don't really like, first of all, the fact that you can't host your drupal install into a subdirectory and access it straight through your domain name. Searching the web tends to prove that I'm not the only one in need of this option.

Internet, now and then

It's been a long time since last time I've done serious web programming here. Now, i'm back to work and i discover by the way that there are a lot of things and worries which did not exists then. Therefore, even if programming for internet feel easy and even easier with new tools, it is in fact more demanding and hard to go out there.

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