I will survive !!

So, what has been going on lately ?

I have changed occupation and now, i have more work to do, hence less time here.

I am still interested into coding so i just hope i can post more tutorials here as soon as possible but in the meanwhile, things have moved out there

  • I still owe you a series about phpUnit and mocking objects for unit testing.
  • I have discovered docker so i plan to put a quick HOWTO for those who, as me, tried Docker based on a lot of tutorials claiming how easy Docker installation is but it must feel SOOOOO easy that the authors never bother to explain the basics and the _real_ noob just get lost not far from the beginning.
  • I have been fidgeting with Prooph Event Machine as well, but it didn't get far :(. I don't know if i should resume the tests. I will probably share my thoughts here if not too late :)
  • I have been playing with Slim Framework and it is indeed a very nice lightweight framework very well documented. Not sure i will post anything about it here since i don't have much to say for the moment. To be honest, i haven't really played with the middleware concept and i believe this is the Slim Framework feature you want to use but even so...


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