I read manga and i'm glad of it !

I buy manga on a regular basis. I do buy european BD too but let's talk about manga today. Actually, i restrict myself to a few volumes per month. All started some years ago now.

From european standing point, we discovered that Japan do have a massive anime industrie and an equally massive comic books industrie as well. None of those ever reach us then but as we talk and chat and trying to decipher kanjis and kanas, watching straight japanese movies on lame video tapes, some names do reach us. Just like the light of stars shining through lightyears of dark deep space, those names just shines and enlighten our ignorance. Just like stars far from our reach, those products just seems so far from us. This situation gives them the sweet flavour of rarity and preciousness. Those names were lights to guide me through the darkness of my manga/anime knowledge... They comfort me and they are values I can rely on.

We were talking so much and so loud about manga and how good they are that french editors finally started to translate and published manga books. Of course, this was a long awaited event and we just swallow all the books as soon as they were put on the shelves. More and more series were translated and published. More and more editors, new independant editors, french majors, foreign majors were filling the market with their series. New names, new series, new references. Incidently, since the manga were less rare, there is less stars in its dark sky. Actually, there's so much light now that I can't see any stars shining out of this. I wasn't really concerned since i still have my old faithful names as references. My dear references were all translated and published by french editors. All the series I've heard of were imported and I can finally get them. So nice. So happy was I. Until I realized... I finally own them all. All the names in my list was crisscrossed. And worse !! The authors are getting old. Some are dead. Some almost are. Some are retired. I realized I never bother to really keep in touch with all those new generations, all those new names...

I have to discover new authors then. New stories. I realized it takes some of my energy to do that. I was so comfy when I only rely on names i knew. Things change. The comic industries is not widely covered by the press just like the music or the movie industries. Nobody really talks about new names. New references. You have to discover them by yourself. Making your own opinion. You have to try and get deceived. And sometimes, you'll find a pearl. In my blindness, new names are starting to shine back. A new generation is blooming.


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